Thursday, 2 May 2013

I decided my blog needed some redecorating so I fiddled around with it yesterday and most of last night.  I should really have been doing my Law homework however, the redecorating was more fun! 

I guess that's a woman's right to redecorate.  I can't move furniture around anymore so when I get antsy, I fix up my blog. 

The weather has been really nice.  No rain for 2 days now.  I think that's a record!  LOL

I have to get my nose in my Law studies so will probably do that for a couple of days.  There's no way I'll be finished the course by the end of June, but then I didn't start until late.  Doing my best though. 

Hope you are all well.

Until next time...

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Tj Popil said...

looks good to me!