Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Almost June!

It's hard to believe it's almost June.  I honestly don't know where March, April and May went!  Before we know it, we'll have the air conditioners on and we'll all be complaining about how hot it is.  LOL 

Haven't had much time to do any card-making as we had Gilles' grandkids birthday party on Saturday. Plus I had to hit the books hard.  I was having such a hard time with one of the assignments and I kept stressing over it so I just decided to tackle it head on and it's done.  Now it's a matter of waiting for marks.  It's not an easy course but it is really interesting.  It's just been so long since I was in school that I've forgotten how to study.  It's a real challenge for me to sit down and concentrate.  My mind keeps wandering to more and more ideas for cards!  That's so bad.  But I'm determined to do it!

I've uploaded the two birthday cards I made for the kids. 

For Lachlan from his Auntie Brigitte

For Lachlan from Poppa and Oma    
For Caitlin from Poppa and Oma

Until next time...

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