Wednesday, 10 April 2013

APRIL, 2013

Wow!  So much for good intentions!!  I was really going to keep this blog current but...  Best laid plans and all that!  LOL

I have been creating cards so I have been keeping my hand in the paper crafting area.  And the online Law class has been taking up a lot of my time.

So without any excuses other than "life happens", I'll post a couple of cards I've done up and close by saying
...until next time.  Hopefully, it won't be another 4 months!!  LOL

The top card was done for a "mingle" project with the Yahoo group ScorpalPals that I belong to.  We make cards and send them to people chosen by the moderator.  Great fun and a wonderful chance to meet new people.

I'm also following a blog created by Beverly from "All the things I love".  She has some pretty incredible cards she has created with her incredible talent :)   She has a great blog and her work is outstanding!  I love her cards!

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Tj Popil said...

they are gorgeous... just don't know how/where you get the patience!