Monday, 27 February 2012


What a beautiful day it was today.  Sun shining but chilly.  My favourite kind of weather.  Cold kills bugs!!

I've been watching "Life Unexpected" on Netflix and I'm hooked on it.  It's really well done.  So because I just can't watch without doing something I decided to make another card.  This one is "Spring" like because Spring is just around the corner!  Or I hope it is!

I have a bunch of ideas for some more cards but first I need to get myself organized - yet again.  I need to go through all of my stamping/scrapbooking stuff and toss out (or give to someone with the initials TA) and regroup everything.  It'll take some doing but it'll be great in the end.  Right now my computer slash sewing slash card-making slash scrapbooking room is so disorganized I can't find anything and that's very frustrating.  It'll be a good "spring cleaning" project.  Can't seem to get "Spring" out of my head!

Until next time...

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