Monday, 6 February 2012

At Long Last

At long last and after many frustrating hours I managed to get this blog thing sorted out and fixed!  I tested it out on another computer so it should show up as it was designed to show up.  Now I can carry on posting and sharing!

Our weather here is absolutely beautiful and has been for the past 2 days.  However, when it comes to the weather, I'm a tad pessimistic and am thinking we're going to pay for the sunshine in the shape of rain.

It seems wrong to be sitting indoors when the weather is so nice but I was determined to get this blog working!  I did start my geranium seeds though!  I bought 2 packages of seeds and bought 2 of those mini-greenhouses that holds 36 peat pods.  I decided to plant these seeds and when I opened the package I found 5!!!  I almost fell over!  What kind of joke is that?  Because I had bought 2 packages, and thinking the first package must have been a mistake, I opened the second package and lo and behold there were 5 in that one as well!!  With what I spent on the packets of seeds, I could wait and buy the plant in the summer!  Oh well, I'm hoping that my purple thumb was green for at least the length of time it took to "sow my seeds".

So now I'm going to finish making my Valentine cards. 

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