Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New Fun Things to Do

I have something new that I have found a passion for. Making paper flowers! You can check them out on my slideshow. Takes some getting used to but I'm having so much fun making them. I've found a whole pile of web blogs that give tutorials on it!

Going to see "One for the Money" on Friday with my daughter-in-law. We haven't had a movie night in ages - actually since "Burlesque" so it's time. Janet Evanovich has written a series of books based on a gal by the name of Stephanie Plum and the crazy antics she pulls off. This is her first movie and Katherine Heigl is playing Stephanie Plum. So far there are 17 books with the same character and they are hilarious!! So if you're looking for some great reading material to make you laugh those would be the ones!

I'm off to go make some more flowers and then make that particular order! :)

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