Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Birthday to my Granddaughter!

My youngest granddaughter turns 4 today! I can hardly believe it. It seems like only yesterday that she was born! Time goes way too fast and before anybody knows it, she'll be dating! Yikes!! Scary thought! So...


I've spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to add a Stampin Up Demonstrator to my blog but the link I put in directs people to some stranger that is also a Demonstrator! Now I'd love to give credit where credit is due, but quite frankly I don't know her!! So if anybody has any ideas, please forward them!

Going to spend the rest of the day making more flowers. They are definitely fun to make and I'm getting better and better - even if I say so myself!!

It's Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice tonight! Gotta make sure I'm glued to the tube for those (as long as they're not repeats)!!

Here's a picture of Kylie watching (and performing to) "Burlesque"! This kid is all about music and dancing!

And here's one of her big sister relaxing in the "Famous Oma Chair"!!

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